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Artist’s Elbowroom: Rockin’ It With Frankie P.

Imagine being invited out to a live music venue on a Sunday night,  strolling leisurely past a handful of alert patrons, and getting cozy in a semi-booth across from a perfect stranger. That’s nothing too out of the ordinary, right? Okay, now imagine, sparking up light conversation with said stranger as your date heads to the restroom, fulfilling a request to take the stranger’s photo and then realizing that the stranger is Balki from Perfect Strangers.

How utterly amazing is that?

Okay, probably not that amazing if your birth-year is 2000-anything, or you didn’t watch the show. And also, because it isn’t true. At least not that last part about Balki. My perfect stranger turned out to be the lovely, and beautifully talented, Frankie Parker.



Frankie Parker is, vocally, a true force to be reckoned with.  She has a broad and clear vocal range that blends the strength of Bessie Smith, the riffing styles of Erykah Badu, and the powerhouse, high tempo belting of Aretha Franklin (yes, I went there).  Along with being a mother, wife, engaging performer (you may have seen her on Fox News, “Good Day Chicago”), she has managed to release her freshman project, entitled “Breezy.” The EP is a musical composition that is supposed to illustrate the emotions associated with marriage and its challenges, but in my opinion, it paints a vivid picture of real life. In Hot Pot of Grits, you are taken to a time in your childhood when women forced the hand of respect (especially if you have southern roots),  “Let It Go” (my favorite song) reminds you when to call enough, enough. In Mas and Grandmas (as in mommas and grand-mommas) she reminds of the strength of matriarchs, and Majestic Player will have you smacking your lips at the implications but bobbing your head by the song’s end. “Breezy” is an album that’s well rounded.

KittyWhipp caught up with Frankie at a performance for an online concert series with Soulistic360. We sat, we chatted, we kicked up our feet. Get to know Chicago’s own, Frankie Parker. And if you do nothing else in life, see this beautiful, charming talent perform live with The Gentlemen in her life. She’s sure to rattle up your soul…in a good way.

P.S. Frankie, let’s be besties 🙂

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